TLC for the JX-3p

Posted on Sep 15, 2017 by rutgervlek

I’m happy to announce the result of a fruitful collaboration. This time it’s not a Eurorack module, but a MIDI expansion kit for the Roland JX-3P synthesizer. With some tender loving care, it brings the JX-3P’s MIDI capabilities up to modern standards.


  • real-time control over all JX-3P parameters with standard MIDI CC messages (from a sequencer or MIDI controller)
  • velocity sensitivity (via MIDI)
  • selectable MIDI receive channel (1-3)
  • loading new patches into the JX-3P via MIDI

And for PG-200 owners:

  • simultaneous control via MIDI input and PG-200
  • transmission of MIDI CC messages from PG-200, for recording in sequencer, or controlling other MIDI devices
The expansion kit can now be pre-ordered here, and first units will be shipped in october.