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All good things…

Posted on Dec 01, 2019 by rutgervlek

The River JX-3P MIDI expansion kit, originally sold under the name Organix, found its way into numerous classic Roland JX-3Ps. It was a joy to receive so many kind words and compliments on the kit from JX-3P owners around the world. Despite this, the time has come to discontinue the expansion kit. We hope our efforts have kept the classic JX-3P alive in the modern world, and will attempt to continue technical support for owners of the expansion kit. 

Merry Eurorack Christmas!

Posted on Dec 23, 2018 by rutgervlek

Dear synth lovers,

It was truly rewarding to receive so many positive reactions to the Eurorack designs I’ve made over the last few years. As a big thank you (and in memory of two of my dearest synth heroes), here’s a special offer, valid until the end of the year:

Coupon #1: BOBSURUNCLE – Free shipping on all Eurorack orders

Coupon #2: KEITHROCKS – 10% discount on all Eurorack orders

Happy modular 2019!

Keeping a classic alive

Posted on Dec 16, 2018 by rutgervlek

Dear JX-3P lovers,

After receiving many encouraging emails (thank you!), Laurens and I decided to do another production run of the JX-3P MIDI expansion kit. The new batch arrived right on time for Christmas and can be ordered directly from stock. If you decide to order or already own the expansion, be sure to check out the wealth of resources in the side-bar of the product page. Over the years, many wonderful initiatives popped up around our expansion for the JX-3P, making it  easy to edit from Ableton Live, iPad, a VST-capable DAW, and modern hardware.

New year, new modules!

Posted on Dec 27, 2017 by rutgervlek

Dear synth lovers,

I’m happy to announce two new fruits of this year’s creativity:

Marble – Dual spectral tilt tone control

Dendrites – A multicharacter multimode VCF / phaser

Both modules can now be ordered, and first units will be shipping on February 1st, 2018.

I wish you a very happy and musical 2018!


TLC for the JX-3p

Posted on Sep 15, 2017 by rutgervlek

I’m happy to announce the result of a fruitful collaboration. This time it’s not a Eurorack module, but a MIDI expansion kit for the Roland JX-3P synthesizer. With some tender loving care, it brings the JX-3P’s MIDI capabilities up to modern standards.


  • real-time control over all JX-3P parameters with standard MIDI CC messages (from a sequencer or MIDI controller)
  • velocity sensitivity (via MIDI)
  • selectable MIDI receive channel (1-3)
  • loading new patches into the JX-3P via MIDI

And for PG-200 owners:

  • simultaneous control via MIDI input and PG-200
  • transmission of MIDI CC messages from PG-200, for recording in sequencer, or controlling other MIDI devices

The expansion kit can now be pre-ordered here, and first units will be shipped in october.

Listen to the interview and win a Crux!

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 by rutgervlek

In the fall of 2016 I was approached by Markus Völter to do an interview on synthesizers for his Omega Tau PodCast station. The PodCast shows normally contain in-depth interviews on science and technology, but for this interview we stretched it all the way from science to art. We took an entire morning and part of the afternoon in my studio to talk and play examples on different instruments. Markus even turned our vocoding efforts into an Omega Tau jingle!

You can listen to the complete interview here:

But there’s more! As a former scientist I really admire how Omega Tau makes these long in-depth topics accessible in a pleasant way to a wide audience. It is driven by sheer enthusiasm for the topics on show, and many unpaid hours are put into it. I’d like to support that, so I decided to give away one free Eurorack module: one River Crux dual VCA + free shipping to anywhere in the world. A winner will be randomly drawn from those of you who listen to the interview and answer the following question:

“What type of MiniMoog does Rutger have in his studio?”

Send your answer to me before june 1st

(close friends and relatives excluded from participation 🙂 ).

FAQLab 2017

Posted on Jan 06, 2017 by rutgervlek

I’ve been invited for a presentation at FAQLab 2017, January 7 starting at 14.00, location: Toonzaal, Den Bosch. I’ll use the occasion to talk about how River Eurorack modules are made, and give a sneak preview of two new upcoming modules!

Video demo and DIY instructions

Posted on Jan 12, 2016 by rutgervlek

The camera has been running hot! Here’s a demo video of the new Nucleus filter.

In the workshop section you’ll find video’s of how the Crux and Nucleus modules are made from a DIY kit. Documents with detailed DIY instructions for the kits can now be found on the Crux and Nucleus product pages.