Webshop F.A.Q.

Prices and invoices

Why do prices seem to change on your website?

The actual prices of products excluding taxes (VAT) are very stable. However, the price you see displayed on the site is calculated based on an estimate of your location, until you provide the actual shipping address for a product. Factors that contribute to the price you see on the site:

  1. Whether or not Dutch law requires me to charge you VAT in your country. If I do not charge it, it is left to your customs service to charge on import.
  2. Shipping rates to your location
  3. Currency conversion rates (the shop’s base currency is Euro).

I'd like to order as a company and not get charged Dutch VAT.

If you’re outside the EU, just go ahead and order in the webshop. If you are in the EU, please contact me about this, or order in the webshop and ask for a compensation through your local tax agency.


How are shipping rates calculated?

Shipping rates are charged per order (not per item). Shipping rates are based on the region of the world your shipping address is located in (currently differentiating in Netherlands, European Union, or Wordlwide). If you order very large quantities you may hit the weight limit of my current shipping options, if that happens please contact me.

When will my package be delivered?

When you place an order in the webstore I immediately get a notice through email. Because I’m currently running this company alone, I’m dividing my time between many tasks (making designs, calibrating/testing modules, providing support, bookkeeping, etc.). To keep things manageable, I have a fixed day of the week I do the shipping of all orders received up to that point. From that point on I rely on the services of the transportation company to get it to you. Within the Netherlands this is one day. Within Europe this is usually a couple of days. Worldwide this may reach up to 30 days. If you are worried about an overdue package, I’ll provide you the info to track & trace it. In the case something goes horribly wrong in the delivery (which fortunately doesn’t happen often), we’ll find a solution together.


Which payment options do you provide?

Currently I provide these methods in the webshop:

  1. Direct bank transfer (wire transfer)
  2. iDeal (mostly national service)
  3. Credit Card
  4. Paypal


How can I communicate with you?

By Skype or by email. Please see the contact section. Please understand that I’m running this company alone and dividing my time between many tasks (making designs, calibrating/testing modules, providing support, bookkeeping, etc.). Urgent emails will be answered daily, except in weekends and holidays.

Warranty and return

Simply put: I’d like to deliver good products that you are happy with. You have a 14-day right to return them. The details can be found here: Warranty and return policy


(or in Dutch: Algemene_Voorwaarden)

If you are having trouble understanding the typical “legal speak” in these documents just contact me, and I’ll explain what is meant.