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All good things…

Posted on Dec 01, 2019 by rutgervlek

The River JX-3P MIDI expansion kit, originally sold under the name Organix, found its way into numerous classic Roland JX-3Ps. It was a joy to receive so many kind words and compliments on the kit from JX-3P owners around the world. Despite this, the time has come to discontinue the expansion kit. We hope our efforts have kept the classic JX-3P alive in the modern world, and will attempt to continue technical support for owners of the expansion kit. 

Keeping a classic alive

Posted on Dec 16, 2018 by rutgervlek

Dear JX-3P lovers,

After receiving many encouraging emails (thank you!), Laurens and I decided to do another production run of the JX-3P MIDI expansion kit. The new batch arrived right on time for Christmas and can be ordered directly from stock. If you decide to order or already own the expansion, be sure to check out the wealth of resources in the side-bar of the product page. Over the years, many wonderful initiatives popped up around our expansion for the JX-3P, making it  easy to edit from Ableton Live, iPad, a VST-capable DAW, and modern hardware.