Technical support

In need of assistance?

Your River device was designed for reliable musical operation. If you encounter any difficulties the following sources of information might prove helpful.

Check the user manual

The user manual describes all functions of your device and is available in the support section of this website.

Check the workshop weblog

The workshop weblog is a continuously growing source of information, tutorials, tips & tricks on the use and maintanace of your (and other) devices.

User forums

Browse the many user forums for tips and tricks from other users: (English) (English) (Dutch)

Houston, we have a problem? Or in need of spare parts or maintenance?

Please contact me with a detailed description of your device, the problem (or symptoms), when/how the problem occurred and any potentially other relevant information (e.g. when/where you bought it, in case of warranty). I will contact you as soon as possible to help you out.